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List of English Internet Slang Words 英语互联网俚语词汇列表

2day: Today 今天2moro: Tomorrow 明天2nite: Tonight 今晚4EAE: For Ever And Ever 永远ABT: About 关于ADN: Any Day Now 现在任何一天AFAIC: As Far As I’m Concerned 就我而言AFAICT: As Far As I Can Tell 据我所知AFAIK: As Far As I Know 据我所知AFAIR: As Far As I Remember 据我所知AKA: Also Known As 也称为AMA: Ask Me Anything 随便问我ASAIC: As Soon As I Can 尽我所能ASAP: As Soon As Possible 尽快ATM: At The Moment 现在B4: Before 之前B4N: Bye For Now 再见Bae: Babe/Before Anyone Else 宝贝/在任何人之前BBL: Be Back Later 稍后回来BBT: Be Back Tomorrow 明天回来BCNU: Be Seeing You 再见BD: Big Deal 大不了BF: Boy Friend 男朋友BFF: Best Friends Forever 永远的好朋友BMT: Before My Time 在我的时间之前BOL: Be On Later 后来BOT: Back On Topic 回到正题BRB: Be Right Back 马上回来BRO: Brother 哥哥BT: But 但是BTW: By The Way 顺便说一下CFY: Calling For You 打电话给你CU: See You 见到你CUL: See You Later 稍后见Cuz: Because 因为CYA: Cover Your Ass 盖你的屁股DAE: Does Anyone Else 其他人呢DBA: Doing Business As 做生意DFTBA: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome! 别忘了太棒了!DIKU: Do I Know You 我认识你吗?DM: Direct Message 直接消息DND: Do Not Disturb 请勿打扰DR: Double Rainbow 双彩虹DWBH: Don’t Worry, Be Happy 别担心,快乐ELI5: Explain Like I’m 5 解释就像我5岁EOM: End Of Message 消息结束EOS: End Of Story 故事结束F2F: Face To Face 面对面FAQ: Frequently Asked Question 常见问题FB: FacebookFBF: Flash Back Friday 周五闪回FF: Follow Friday 跟随星期五FIFY: Fixed It For You 为你修好了FITB: Fill In The Blank 填空FML: F**** My Life 他妈的我的生活FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out 害怕失踪FTFY: Fixed That For You 为你修好了FTL: For The Loss 为了损失FTW: For The Win 为了胜利FWB: Friends With Benefits 有福利的朋友FWIW: For What It’s Worth 为了它的价值FYE: For Your Entertainment 为了您的娱乐FYEO: For Your Eyes Only 只为你的眼睛FYI: For Your Information 为了您的信息GA: Go Ahead 走在前面GAL: Get A Life 获得生命GF: Girl Friend 女朋友GM: Good Morning 早上好GN: Good Night 晚安Gr8: Great 很棒GTR: Getting Ready 做好准备HAND: Have A Nice Day 祝你有个美好的一天HB: Hurry Back 快点回来HBD: Happy Birthday 生日快乐HBU: How About You 你怎么样HMB: Hit Be Back 回击HMU: Hit Me Up 打我HRU: How Are You 你好吗?HTH: Hope This Helps 希望这有助于IAC: In Any Case 无论如何IC: I See 我明白了ICYMI: In Case You Missed It 如果你错过了它IDC: I Don’t Care 我不在乎IDK: I Dont Know 我不知道IG: Instagram InstagramIIRC: If I Remember Correctly 如果我记得正确的话IKR: I Know Right 我知道对ILY: I Love You 我爱你IMHO: In My Humble Opinion 恕我直言IMMD: It Made My Day 这是我的一天IMY: I Miss You 我想念你IRL: In Real Life 在现实生活中IS: I’m Sorry 我很抱歉ISO: In Search Of 寻找IU2U: It’s Up To You 这取决于你J4F: Just For Fun 只是为了好玩JAM: Just A Minute 只需一分钟JFY: Just For You 只为你JIC: Just In Case 以防万一JK: Just Kidding 开玩笑吧JSYK: Just So You Know 就是你知道的KK: Okay 好的L8: Late 迟到了L8R: Later 后来LMA: Leave Me Alone 别管我LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off 笑掉我的屁股LMBO: Laughing My Butt Off 笑我的屁股LMK: Let Me Know 让我知道LOL: Laugh Out Loud 大笑LTNS: Long Time No See 很长时间没有看到LYLAS: Love You Like A Sister 爱你像姐姐一样M/F: Male or Female 男性或女性M8: Mate 伙伴MP: My pleasure 我很高兴MSM: Mainstream Media 主流媒体MU: Miss You 想念你MYOB: Mind Your Own Business 关注自己的事业NAGI: Not A Good Idea 不是个好主意NBD: No Big Deal 没什么大不了的NE1: Anyone 任何人NM: Not Much 不是很多NP: No Problem 没问题NSFL: Not Safe For Life 对生命不安全NSFW: Not Safe For Work 不安全的工作NTS: Note To Self 注意自我NVM: Never Mind 没关系OC: Original Content 原创内容OH: Overheard 无意中听到了OIC: Oh ! I See 哦! 我知道了OMD: Oh My Damn 哦,我该死的OMG: Oh My Goodness 我的天哪OMW: On My Way 在我的路上OT: Off Topic 关闭主题PAW: Parents Are Watching 父母在看Pls: Please 请POTD: Photo Of The Day 这一天的照片POV: Point Of View 观点PPL: People 人PTB: Please Text Back 请回复Q4U: Question For You 问你QQ: Crying 哭了RBTL: Read Between The Lines 在线之间读取RIP: Rest In Peace 安息吧RL: Real Life 真实生活ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing 在地板上滚动笑RT: Retweet 转推RTM: Read The Manual 阅读手册SIS: Sister 姐姐SITD: Still In The Dark 仍在黑暗中SM: Social Media 社交媒体SMH: Shaking My Head 摇摇头SMY: Somebody 有人SNH: Sarcasm Noted Here 讽刺在这里注意到SOL: Sooner Or Later 迟早Some1: Someone 有人SRSLY: Seriously 说真的STBY: Sucks To Be You 很难成为你Str8: Straight 直SYS: See You Soon 很快见到你TBA: To Be Announced 待宣布TBH: To Be Honest 要诚实TBT: Throwback Thursday 周四回归TBT: Truth Be Told 真相被告知TFH: Thread From Hell 来自地狱的线索TFTI: Thanks For The Invite 感谢邀请TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday 感谢上帝,这是星期五THX: Thanks 谢谢TIA: Thanks in Advance 先谢谢TIL: Today I Learned 今天我学会了TIME: Tears In My Eyes 我眼中的泪水TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read 太长; 没看过TLC: Tender Loving Care 温柔的爱护TMI: Too Much Information 太多信息TTYL: Talk To You Later 稍后跟你说话TTYS: Talk To You Soon 很快跟你说话Txt: Text 文字TYVM: Thank You Very Much 非常感谢你U: You 你U4F: You Forever 你永远UR: Your 你的VBG: Very Big Grin 非常大的咧嘴笑VSF: Very Sad Face 很伤心的脸WB: Welcome Back 欢迎回来WBU: What About You? 你怎么样?WEG: Wicked Evil Grin 邪恶的笑容WKND: Weekend 周末WOM: Word of Mouth 口口相传WOTD: Word Of The Day 每日一词Wru: Who Are You 你是谁?WTH: What The Heck? 哎呀?WTPA: Where The Party At? 党在哪里?WU?: Whats Up 什么事WYCM: Will You Call Me? 你会打电话给我吗?WYWH: Wish You Were Here 希望你在这里XOXO: Hugs and Kisses 拥抱和亲吻YGM: You’ve Got Mail 你有邮件YNK: You Never Know 你永远不知道YOLO: You Only Live Once 你只活一次YT: YouTubeYW: You’re Welcome 你是受欢迎的